Monday, September 04, 2006

They Came, They Saw....The Girl in the Red Shoes !

Come to Daddy
The Tut n Shive, Yeadon. 2nd September 2006

Hello and a "choofing big" thankyou to all kids who turned up at the Tut n Shive, Yeadon on Saturday ! An unexpectedly fantastic and appreciated turnout by the faithful yet again see off Uncle Pierre and the band they called "Come to Daddy"!

Can we also thank all the local punters who also seemed to enjoy the proceedings ! Especially the young lady in the red shoes...arrrrrgggghhhhh !!!
And last but not least by any means, the Landlord and Lady of old Yeadon Town ! Jolly nice people who looked after us all night like their own kids ! We like the Tut n Shive !!!

More "Come to Daddy" gigs....mmmmm....who the blog....

Thanks all again !!!

Dave - Come to Daddy


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