Friday, September 01, 2006

And just one more...

Hiya Kids !
Hope you're all well !

Come to Daddy
LVC Wallop - Squires Cafe 26th August 2006

Firstly, thanks for all who turned up to the Leeds Volkswagon Collective Annual Wallop !
It was a cracker ! Good bunch of people who knew how to enjoy themselves ! Cheers.

Secondly we'd like to let you all know we're covering a gig up in Yeadon for some friends of ours this Saturday night the 2nd September. It's at the Tut n Shive. Usual pub format. KO around 8.30, finish at closing.

I'd like to say this really is the last one but.......heheheheeeeeeeeeeeee........

See you there !

Dave - Come to Daddy.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

come to daddy will never die.. I hear people still asking for Beaver leaver.

1/9/06 6:50 AM  

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