Monday, July 24, 2006


Hiya kids !
Hope you're well.

As many of you may or may now know, Uncle Petes' long suffering battle with bacon addiction ended recently in tragedy. His fingers were tragically mistaken for the sausage substitute which had helped him through the worst of the withdrawal. It was touch and go as to weather Pete would even hold a carving knife again, nevermind twang his bass to oblivian in another CTD swash buckling adventure on the stage seas ! Arrrrrggghhhhhh !!!

Pete is now spending time with his family and close friends in a bid to beat the bacon slicer once and for all !
This being the case, CTD, as it is remembered and out of respect for a founder member, will be no more.
We wish him the best in his fight against scratchings. Thanks Uncle Pete !

Uncle Peter, Bassman, Come to Daddy, 2003-2006

Thanks for listening !!!

Dave - Come to Daddy


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