Monday, September 04, 2006

They Came, They Saw....The Girl in the Red Shoes !

Come to Daddy
The Tut n Shive, Yeadon. 2nd September 2006

Hello and a "choofing big" thankyou to all kids who turned up at the Tut n Shive, Yeadon on Saturday ! An unexpectedly fantastic and appreciated turnout by the faithful yet again see off Uncle Pierre and the band they called "Come to Daddy"!

Can we also thank all the local punters who also seemed to enjoy the proceedings ! Especially the young lady in the red shoes...arrrrrgggghhhhh !!!
And last but not least by any means, the Landlord and Lady of old Yeadon Town ! Jolly nice people who looked after us all night like their own kids ! We like the Tut n Shive !!!

More "Come to Daddy" gigs....mmmmm....who the blog....

Thanks all again !!!

Dave - Come to Daddy

Friday, September 01, 2006

And just one more...

Hiya Kids !
Hope you're all well !

Come to Daddy
LVC Wallop - Squires Cafe 26th August 2006

Firstly, thanks for all who turned up to the Leeds Volkswagon Collective Annual Wallop !
It was a cracker ! Good bunch of people who knew how to enjoy themselves ! Cheers.

Secondly we'd like to let you all know we're covering a gig up in Yeadon for some friends of ours this Saturday night the 2nd September. It's at the Tut n Shive. Usual pub format. KO around 8.30, finish at closing.

I'd like to say this really is the last one but.......heheheheeeeeeeeeeeee........

See you there !

Dave - Come to Daddy.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

One more, One more !!!

Hiya Kids !
Hope you're well.

Excellent news ! CTD isn't dead just yet ! Uncle Pete has agreed to staple a few sausages to his stump and climb the steps of stardom for one last time !!!
Pete's, and indeed, Come to Daddys' last gig will be...

The Leeds Volkswagon Club Big Wallop 2006 !
26/27th August, Squires Bike Cafe, Newthorpe.
Our spot is Saturday night.

Hope you can all make it to wave off the Petester !

Dave - Come to Daddy

Monday, July 24, 2006


Hiya kids !
Hope you're well.

As many of you may or may now know, Uncle Petes' long suffering battle with bacon addiction ended recently in tragedy. His fingers were tragically mistaken for the sausage substitute which had helped him through the worst of the withdrawal. It was touch and go as to weather Pete would even hold a carving knife again, nevermind twang his bass to oblivian in another CTD swash buckling adventure on the stage seas ! Arrrrrggghhhhhh !!!

Pete is now spending time with his family and close friends in a bid to beat the bacon slicer once and for all !
This being the case, CTD, as it is remembered and out of respect for a founder member, will be no more.
We wish him the best in his fight against scratchings. Thanks Uncle Pete !

Uncle Peter, Bassman, Come to Daddy, 2003-2006

Thanks for listening !!!

Dave - Come to Daddy

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Gig Report...

Ladies and Gentlemen..........Come to Daddy !
The Jockey 6th May 2006





Come to Daddy...

Let's start by thanking all who turned up, drunk, were there already, drunk, clapped, drunk, danced, drunk, cheered, drunk, whistled, drunk ! Thankyou everyone !!!
Our first gig at the Jockey was a beauty ! We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did. No doubt we shall be back soon !


Dave, Ben, Pete and Sean - Come to Daddy

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Our friends the classic rock band BLACKOUT !
All stuff rock in the North of England !

Monday, December 12, 2005

The Public Diary of Come to Daddy...

Hiya Kids !

How are you all ? Good we Hope !

It's here !!!! He's a whopper ! Just like his Dad ! Bouncing baby boy of 10 whole lbs !!!
Everyone here at daddysband wish them the best !!

Check out a little Pirate Action in the links below !!! Arrrrrr......that they be !!!

Good Ship



Pirate Blaster !

Cheers !

Dave, Ben, Pete and Sean - Come to Daddy

The Mosh Pit...

All abuse/constructive criticism posted here please !
Then we dont have to go searching for it...

Cheers !!!

Dave - Come to Daddy

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